Independence Debate at Abertay University

Dundee MP Stewart Hosie today put forward the case for Scotland to become an independent nation in a debate at Abertay University organised by Head of Sociology Dr Wallace McNeish and attended by nearly 300 first-year students.

The annual debate takes place as a ‘Thinking Module’ to allow freshers to listen to arguments and participate by questioning the speakers. A vote is taken before and after the debate, with electronic voting devices being shared among groups of students.

Prior to the debate, 65% disagreed with the motion that “it was time for Scotland to become an independent nation” although this had fallen to 54% by the end of the event, with Stewart Hosie’s detailed economic case for independence gaining an increased share of the vote.

Speaking after the debate, Stewart Hosie said: “I was pleased to have been able to swing the vote during the debate given that these are first time students from a wide variety of countries, many of whom are coming to this subject for the first-time.

“The long run-up to the referendum campaign in 2014 will alllow many more opportunities such as this for people to examine the case for independence in more detail and be persuaded that it is a strong case.”



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